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*Swampy down home music

out of the box.

*Papa Juke brews up Juke, a contemporary stew of blues and grooves, served up hot.  The recipe for Juke calls for pouring out some soulful blues and then stirring in a spoonful of swing, a fistful of rock, a bucket of boogie, a slice of country, a ladle of Latin, a pinch of reggae, a splash of Cajun and a generous dollop of old school R & B.  Add a big squirt of funk with a dash of jazz and then sprinkle in liberally some hot gospel.  Let it cook for a few hours over a hot jam.  Juke has been known to cure the blues, dismiss a hangover and even bring together long lost lovers.

It's here! Our new studio CD, Out of the Blues. We love it, and think you will too!

Papa Juke: Out of the Blues

Now on iTunes!


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